Organic Perfume Potions

The Perfume Potions are scientific formulae precise for nails and the thicker, hairless, more exposed skin in the body like the hands and feet.

The organic oils instantly get absorbed into the skin, moisturise, rejuvenate and protect your extremities from daily friction. 

The aromatic oils keep your skin scented, giving you a fresh fragrant feeling in the day and relaxed sleep at night.

The chemical-free oil extraction methods like the expeller-pressed, cold-pressed, hydro-distillation and steam distillation ensure minimum loss of nutrition, retaining their natural properties and potent quality.

Our products are rich in goodness for your body, mind, soul and also for the planet. 

At YOGA 5D Enlighten Earth, we transform your daily skincare regime into a pleasurable meditative experience.

We recommend the use of certified organic products only in your personal care regime.

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