1-1 Services

1-1 Services

YOGA5D™ Bespoke Digital Services:

Energy Breathwork: Circular Breathing Technique for Harnessing Energy

Balancing Breathwork: Advanced Anuloma Viloma, Alternate Nostril Breathing with Kumbakha, Delays in Breathing & Mahabandha with 3 neuro-muscular locks

Emotional Freedom Techniques: Emotional Trauma & Pain Relief

Hypnotherapy Regressions: Sub-conscious Cleansing, Past Life Regressions, Ancestral Family Tree Completions, Company & Family Energy Programming.

Vedic Astrology: Know your karmic path and life purpose in this incarnation.

Nada(Sound) Yoga: Scientific Sound Technology to use different sounds that create positive vibrations and energize various areas of your being.


YOGA5D™ Premium Bespoke Physical Services:

Rebirthing Breathwork: Circular Breathing Technique for Kundalini Awakening

Sound Therapy: Chakra-oriented sound therapy with crystal singing bowls and gongs.

Yogasana: Therapeutic, Inch-loss, Cardio Fitness, Intense Muscle Focus, Agility Development & Yogic Sleep

Krida Yoga: Brain Programming Technology for kids 9-18 years.

Pre-post Natal Yoga: Energy Programming Technology for Baby & Mother from inception till delivery.

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