Affirmations are positive commands used for changing the thought-emotion matrix and manifesting desires in the physical realm. To use such a powerful tool, let us understand a little about the universe.

The universe operates on a complex vibratory matrix, perfect as a whole and ever-changing in all aspects held within. Multiple factors influence the functioning and manifestations inside the matrix.

Sound is a physical factor in transmitting subtle vibrations into the universe. Thoughts and emotions work on the same principle on the psychological level.

Our conscious mind emits only 5% of psychological waves that are weak and usually overpowered by the remaining 95% of subconscious waves, transmitted automatically based on the vibrational matrix formed since your existence here.

Is it getting too complex for you? Hang in there!

A large number of humans die with no awareness of the subtle vibratory realities.

An amateur spiritualist uses the 5% to change the 95% without stepping into the subconscious matrix.

A mature spiritualist uses affirmations or similar techniques to transform the 95% and make the automated vibratory emissions positive. The latter approach requires guidance or self-analysing abilities into the subconscious matrix.

The mature spiritualist is not much different from the amateur because no matter what you do, it is a tiresome and time-consuming practice that requires a large portion of your life to make your automated vibes 100% positive.

The mind creates thousands of thoughts every minute from which the relevant ones get filtered into your consciousness. Trying to practice an affirmation in this chaos is useless. Even a thousand times every day does not create a powerful impact.

Don’t worry! There is an easy way out.

Imagine your mental state as a turbulent ocean and the affirmations a small stone in your hand. You cannot create powerful ripples by throwing a thousand stones.

Now imagine you are throwing a small stone in the centre of a calm pond. The ripples created flow comfortably to all corners unless interrupted.

Are you getting it now?

First, empty your mind and make it still like the pond for a minimum of 15 seconds. The longer the duration, the more potent the effect.

Now state the affirmation once, loudly or silently. Silent is more powerful.

Again empty your mind for 15 seconds or longer.

The affirmation practised once a day is more powerful this way than a thousand times in a chaotic mental state.

Feel free to try out our online meditation for your affirmation practice. Guidance acts as a catalyst required to boost your spiritual evolution.

It requires high spiritual evolution to maintain mental silence for long durations.

Is it still too much work for you?

Don’t worry! I made it super easy.

Since it is easy for me to slip into silence at will, I figured out a way to use this ability to help the masses.

I developed the ability to transmit the affirmation into an external physical object with similar power and effect felt when I practise in silence.

I used this transmission ability to create and energise my products that come with specific affirmations. The user gets the benefit instantly.

Sensitive spiritual users have reported changes in their vibrations after using the products.

Even without sensitivity, you can still enjoy the subconscious benefits in the same way your body absorbs nutrition from food without mindful awareness.

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