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Innovation Story: Chakra Activation Formulae – Grammarly

The global pandemic has caused more distress on Earth than any other event in my entire life. Although many are easing off the various rules and regulations that were once part of daily life, the one thing that doesn’t seem to go away is the face masks.

Yes, the mandatory face masks are here to stay for a while. It is one thing we are forced to wear the moment we step outside the door. The worst is smelling your own breath or having to chew gum regularly during long working hours.

Even with a fully vaccinated COVID-19 certificate, we are asked to continue wearing the mask. Does anyone else feel the pain of dealing with this unwanted regulation? You are not alone dear friend.

Guess what? I found an easy way out of this mess.

Even before the pandemic began, the pollution and terrible air quality in this crowded city had always bothered me when I rode out on my bike. The anti-pollution masks were always uncomfortable and felt even more so under a motorcycle helmet.

To fix this issue, I formulated my own perfume bottles and regularly used them on my mask to keep them scented. 

I have used the same solution since the beginning of the pandemic. The last couple of years allowed me to experiment, research and innovate my formulations.

The isolation in lockdown was the perfect opportunity to explore deep states of consciousness and be in meditation for long hours. The constant daily practice activated all my chakras and awakened the kundalini energy to its full potential. There were many times when I had to ground my energies back into the body and earth’s energy field. These experiences lasted for many weeks and months. I realised that what we read in books is insignificant and not even the tip of the iceberg.

Are you wondering why am I telling you all this?

Well, every day I stepped outside with my perfumed mask, the aroma started activating and working with my chakra energy field. 

The high sensitivity allowed me to dive deep into energetic research and study new perspectives of perfume making and aroma effects.

Finally, the lockdown helped me formulate a one-of-a-kind perfume that precisely activates and balances the chakras.

You can try them out by clicking the links below:

Organic Mask Perfumes for mandatory face masks:

I developed this research to create multiple products with different aromatic blends with the precise chakra activation objective. 

Even with similar product names, the aroma differs with each product and category.

Feel free to experiment and explore these products too.

Organic Beard Elixirs for all beard types:

Organic Perfume Potions for hand, feet, neck, nails and body:

Unisex Organic After-Shave Potion for face, underarms and body:

Kindly leave your questions and feedback in the comments section. 

It is not possible for an ordinary person to feel or activate the energy field. You can still enjoy the subconscious benefits just the way your body absorbs nutrition from food without mindful awareness.

Happy adventure!

Love, Light and Positivity!

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