Fragrance Notes

Fragrance Notes

Fragrance Notes are smells registered by different areas of the brain inducing different responses & brain activity. They are classified into 3 main categories: Top notes, Middle notes & Base Notes. A synthesis of all 3 notes creates the most pleasurable essences.

  • Top: The top note, as the name suggests, is the first fragrance that you smell & it evaporates quickly. The top notes are attractive & give the first impression of the blend. General top notes are sharp, fresh, penetrating, light and airy. List of recommended top note essences. 
  • Middle: The middle note blends the top & base note together without taking away either of their essences & is therefore known as the heart note. The middle notes are gentle, soft and fulfilling.general General Mid Notes are sweet, spicy, soft, fresh & pleasurable. List of recommended mid note essences. 
  • Base: The Base note is a long lasting essence that stays with you after both the notes have evaporated. The Base Notes give a grounding effect and safeguards the of top notes quick evaporation. They are slow to rise and are the most vital piece in creation of a perfect recipe. General Base Notes are woody, earthy, deep, warm and grounding. List of recommended base note essences. 

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