Introduction to DIY

Introduction to DIY

YOGA5D gives you the opportunity to create bespoke emotional therapeutic essences & along the way to becoming an aromatherapist. 

Every mind is unique in its own design as is our life experiences. There are a variety of ways of creating your personalised Emotional Essence kit. Bespoke essences work only when consciously created with self work. 

“Conscious Living Creates Healthy Cells”

Our goal is to create a community of conscious & awakened souls on earth who are able to self-manage their own emotional experiences. A healthy emotional body is key to prevent all psychosomatic modern age ailments & diseases that we are struggling with. 

“Conscious Living Is Better Than Cure”

Kindly refer to the product blog section to start your journey with us. The blogs are a guidance map for you to explore the variety of essences that suit your emotional experiences. 

Learning a new technique is challenging & joyful. Kindly be patient & understand the functionality of your emotional body. Allow your emotions to guide you in the best way. 

We wish you a happy journey within. 

Love & Light!

Sudip Vairat,




YOGA5D EET assists in overall wellbeing. YOGA5D & all persons associated, do not recommend YOGA5D EET to cure medical conditions. Kindly consult your doctor before using YOGA5D EET for treatments & read all guidelines carefully before use.

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